Things To Consider When Installing Window Films On Your Car Windows

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Things To Consider When Installing Window Films On Your Car Windows

8 September 2022
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Installing window tinting or privacy window films on your vehicle glass can offer some benefits but needs to be done correctly and legally for your location. There can be restrictions on which glass can have tint on them and how dark the tint can be, so it is critical that you research your options before applying any tint film.

Benefits To Tinting Glass

Adding window tinting to your car or truck can help cool the vehicle's interior in the summer and reduce the amount of direct sunlight on you and your passengers. In parts of the country where temperatures average one hundred degrees or more, keeping the interior cool can be challenging, so any advantage can help. 

Privacy window films are often the darkest tint films available, and in addition to the heat reduction, they make it harder for people to see into your vehicle from outside. Extremely dark window films are common on the back windows of a limo or Towncar for hire but can be useful on the rear windows of any car that you are trying to keep prying eyes out of.

Know The Law

Privacy tint film solutions are available in many different tint levels, and in some states, there are restrictions on the amount of tint allowed on the glass. The restrictions are more common in areas with less heat and harsh sun and are typically in place to ensure police officers and emergency personnel can see into the vehicle if they have to approach it during an emergency. 

Factory tint is typically okay, but adding aftermarket tint films must be done within the limits. In some cases, a car with a legal tint amount in one state is too dark in another, but if you are staying within the guidelines of the state your vehicle is registered in, you should be okay. However, if you are moving to a state that limits the tint level and your vehicle has a dark privacy tint film installed, you may have to remove it once you register your car in the new state. 

Tint Film Installation

When considering privacy tint films for your vehicle, it can be beneficial to have a professional installer do the tinting for you. The film can be challenging to work with, and it will not look good if it has wrinkles and bubbles between the film and the glass. 

Often a professional tinting service can use higher quality materials than you can get at the local automotive store, and they have the tools and experience to align and install the film so it looks great and stands up to windows opening and closing without peeling or coming off the glass. 

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