Be Proactive And Have Anti-Rust Car Undercoating Long Before The Vehicle Is At Risk

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Be Proactive And Have Anti-Rust Car Undercoating Long Before The Vehicle Is At Risk

13 October 2015
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Rust does more than merely detract from the looks of a car. Rust on the undercarriage could seriously and severely corrode the metal. In time, the corrosion may necessitate the replacement of parts which, of course, is expensive. Applying a car undercoating reduces the potential for major corrosion. Having the car comprehensively treated for rust is the best strategy for cutting down any chances of future damage.

Don't Wait Until Year Five

The Chicago Tribune points out that modern cars generally won't suffer from rusting until the fifth year on the road. Drivers may opt not to have their vehicle rust-proofed until the fifth year arrives. A better strategy would be to invest in do-it-yourself anti-rust undercoating sprays and treat the carriage once every 12 months starting with the first year of ownership. Doing so establishes preventive measures that forestalls rust-related damage. Besides, you never know what can happen. A car could be exposed to chemical spills or other extremely corrosive elements on the road that are not factored into normal wear and tear when discussing the rust-free five year span.

Add Undercoating During Routine Service

Putting the car up on a jack and spraying the undercoating by yourself is not advisable unless you have mechanical experience. In addition to the likelihood of missing spots, working underneath a hoisted car can be dangerous for a novice. Instead, when the time comes to bring the car to a garage for an oil change or brake check, ask the mechanic to apply the spray to the undercarriage. Better yet, call ahead and simply tell the representative you have a can of coating and aren't comfortable with applying it on your own. The rep will let you know if they are willing to do this job. Since a cursory spraying takes little time, finding a garage willing to help you out won't be too difficult.

Request a Professional Job During Year Four

Owners may wait until the fifth year arrives to have a comprehensive, professional treatment applied. A better plan is to get an early jump and request professional rustproofing work at a garage sometime during year four. This way, the car is treated with a high-grade protective coating ahead of the risky fifth year and is never being exposed to moisture or other elements while the metal is weak and unprotected.

From the fifth year and beyond, have the entire car checked for rust annually. This way, if rust does show up on the undercoating or elsewhere, it can be quickly removed.