Innovative Ways To Use A Truck Cap

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Innovative Ways To Use A Truck Cap

23 October 2015
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A hard-shell truck cap is 27-30 inches high and used to cover and protect cargo in a pickup truck bed. It is easily removed from the pickup truck bed when not needed. Since it is not a standard accessory for a pickup truck, it is sometimes not included when a truck is sold. For a creative person who is good with tools, such a well-made accessory could be recycled and put to use in other ways. Here are some innovative ways a standard truck cap could be repurposed: 

  • Storage Shed - A truck cap mounted on top of a 5-6 foot high wood structure, could become the roof of an outdoor storage shed. This storage shed could accommodate large tools and machines such as a lawn mower or 6-foot high ladder. Double doors could be built on one end for ease in moving tools in and out of the shed. If this storage shed was constructed with a floor, it would be weatherproof and keep the contents safe and dry. 
  • Compact Workshop - Similarly, a truck cap could be used as the roof of a 5-6 foot high workshop. This repurposed roof would protect the compact workshop from moisture and dust. A work table and shelving could be installed for the use of an artist or craftsperson. This workshop could be wired for electricity to provide lights and run power tools. 
  • Chicken Coop - Another idea is to use a truck cap as a roof on a 5-6 foot high chicken coop. The walls of the chicken coop could be made of chicken wire. A shelf on three sides of the coop could be installed at the base of the truck cap to hold nesting materials. A door could be built on one end of the coop to easily enter and gather eggs. If mounted on wheels, the chicken coop could be mobile and moved to provide the birds with fresh grass and insects when needed. 
  • Playhouse for Children - A truck cap could be used as the roof of a custom-made 4-5 foot high playhouse for young children. The structure could be built to resemble a standard house with a door and windows. The playhouse could be wired for electricity to provide lights and power a radio or TV. 

With a bit of ingenuity, a truck cap can be repurposed in many unique and creative ways. In that way, a truck cap can become an interesting conversation piece as well as a useful new play or work space. Let your imagination run wild and create a new use for your truck cap. 

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