Hydrophobic Coating Isn't a Magic Bullet: Windshield Wiper Safety

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Hydrophobic Coating Isn't a Magic Bullet: Windshield Wiper Safety

28 October 2015
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If you're trying to figure out how best to deal with rain when driving—and all the dirt it can leave behind—a hydrophobic glass coating might seem like the best thing ever invented. But it isn't the only thing that will help your car windows stay protected. While the coatings are helpful, they don't do much if your windshield wipers are in terrible shape. To get the most out of a water-repellent coating, you must keep the windshield wipers going strong.

Less Use Doesn't Mean No Use

Hydrophobic coating has the ability to make water ball up and slide off of glass with more ease. This lessens the need to use windshield wipers and may make drivers think the wipers will last longer. While this is true to an extent, the coatings don't make windshield wipers immortal. You should inspect the wipers every few months to look for cracks or chips in the rubber. This is especially true if you've just been through a hot, dry summer, which can cause rubber to crack and disintegrate.

The Coatings Don't Stop Leaves and Debris

Hydrophobic coatings do make water slide off the glass in bigger drops, but the coatings don't stop leaves and debris from falling onto the windshield and landing on the windshield wipers, where the debris can be trapped. These debris can become wedged under the rubber portion of the wipers when you use them. If you're about to drive on a day when you think you'll need to use the wipers, check them and run a tissue along the blade before leaving.

Reduced Dust Is Still Dirty

Again, one of the factors that makes hydrophobic coatings so desirable is that smaller droplets of rain coalesce into bigger droplets that run off the windshield quickly. These bigger droplets carry more dirt with them, reducing the chances of streaking and spotting after the water dries. But it doesn't eliminate the dirt, and the coating doesn't help as much when the car is exposed to dry, dirty conditions. Keep the reservoir of windshield wiper fluid full so that you don't drag the blades across a dry windshield.

If you want to find out more about how hydrophobic coatings can help your car—and about how you can ensure you get the best use out of the coatings—contact an auto detailer who applies them. There are different types of auto glass coatings, and the staff at the detail shop can explain the differences to you so that you find the best coating for your car.