The Perks Of A Custom Rolling Tarp

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The Perks Of A Custom Rolling Tarp

28 March 2016
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Pick up trucks of any size can be equipped with a custom rolling tarp. These are technical and durable covers that can add a lot of functionality to your truck. Whether you are looking to lock up a surfboard after a trip to a beach or safely transport expensive construction materials, a rolling tarp system is the perfect solution. An automotive rolling tarp is nothing like the plastic, blue sheeting that is so commonly used in construction. This article explains how these tarps work and come of their various applications.

Virtually Invisible When Not Being Used

First, you should realize that the tarp compacts into a small roll at the front of the bed. The motor mounted on the side of the roller is small and hidden. The side tracks that guide the tarp are mounted on the underside of the bed edges. The low profile design means that these tarps are virtually invisible, especially when they are open. Many truck owners are constantly loading large items into their truck bed. A rolling tarp allows you to continue to use your open bed, without reducing the storage space.

This is why tarps are a great alternative to camper shells. A shell often blocks you from loading tall items into your bed. If you cannot fit it into the back opening, you cannot move it without removing the shell. With a tarp roller you can stack your things much higher and move much more at once. Also, you can load your truck from any direction. Basically, a tarp roller is much less restricting than a camper shell.

Open and Close with the Touch of a Button

The tarps are powered by a small, quiet motor. They can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. A wireless controller and/or a switch on the inside of the cab allow you to securely operate the tarp. Also, you can close the tarp halfway for partial protection.

Waterproof and Secure Storage

You will be surprised how strong and secure the tarp roller is. When closed it is pulled taut and water will not pool up. It also won't leak through the tracks because it is reinforced with rubber lining. The tarp is multi-layered. This makes it a perfect theft deterrent. It is not like it can be simply cut through with a razor blade.

Rolling tarp systems are not yet as common as camper shells, but they are much more practical for many truck owners. Contact a business, such as Glider Systems Inc, for more information about rolling tarps.