A Quick Overview Of The Three Types Of Car Grills That You Can Purchase

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A Quick Overview Of The Three Types Of Car Grills That You Can Purchase

30 November 2016
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If you are looking to upgrade the look and feel of your vehicle, one way to do that is up changing out and upgrading the grille on your vehicle through a place like Parts Max. Here is a quick overview of the three different types of car grilles that you can purchase on the market today. 

#1 Mesh Grilles

Mesh grilles are typically made out of either very thin plastic or metal. This thin plastic or metal is then woven together to create different types of patterns. Mesh grilles are great if you really want the grille of your vehicle to have a unique pattern and look to it. 

Mesh grilles are more typically found on sports cars and on luxury vehicles than on other types of vehicles.

#2 Billet Grilles

Billet grilles are often made out of pure aluminum, although many billet grilles nowadays now incorporate other alloys in with the aluminum in order to create a stronger grille. However, other metals can be used as well as the term "billet" refers to any types of metal, not just aluminum, so you can find billet grilles made with other metal materials, although these are not as common as aluminum billet grilles. 

Thin strips are taken and woven into patterns to make some billet grilles. Other billet grilles are made by taking a large sheet of metal and using tools to punch out the grille designed from the metal. 

The style of billet grilles tend to vary depending on the type of vehicle that you are driving. Billet grilles with horizontal designs are often used more on vehicles that have really powerful engines, and vertical styles are often used on luxury vehicles; these are just generalizations however, you could find horizontal and vertical designs on all types of vehicles.

#3 Custom Grilles

In addition to the two types of grills listed above, you can also have a custom grille created for your vehicle. To get a custom grille, you need to find a seller that works with Computer Numerical Control (CNC), which is a computer program that allows you to create a custom grille and control the actions of the machine that produces the grille. Alternative, you can work with a machinist that designed and constructs the grille by hand. This can be a very expensive option. You could also put on a billet or mesh that is mass-produced by has a different design, pattern or color than the one that is already on your vehicle for a more unique and custom look.