3 Tips For Choosing The Right Car Cover When Your Corvette Must Be Parked Outside

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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Car Cover When Your Corvette Must Be Parked Outside

25 July 2017
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Whether your Corvette is exposed to the sun and various seasonal weather problems at work or at home, damage can quickly accrue that will impact both the aesthetic appeal and value of that beloved sports car. Choosing the most appropriate Corvette car cover for it is crucial and you will also need to identify the specific challenges that the vehicle will need to be protected from. As a result, prior to investing in a cover for your Corvette, it's a good idea to consider the advice provided below for doing so.  

#1-Choose A Unit That Protects Against UV Exposure And The Heat Associated With It

Although protecting against the sun's rays is obvious to anyone who has ever accidentally touched a car door too quickly on a hot day, it is easy to forget that UV rays and heat also can fade the color of the car itself. In some instances, failing to protect the color of the car could not just diminish the value of the vehicle, but it could also void any warranty that you might have on the paint job. 

That means that your car cover should not only cover the entire vehicle without fear of exposed space due to a stray wind, but also be able to reflect the heat and UV rays. Although there are a few types of car covers to choose from, including the waterproof, water-resistant and cotton choices, you should know that cotton based car covers are not recommended for outdoor use.     

#2-Make Sure That The Cover Is Appropriate For The Dangers Of Winter And Rain

As mentioned above, the sun can inflict significant damage to your Corvette if it left unprotected very often or for very long.  However, you should also be aware of what could happen to an unprotected vehicle left outside with nonexistent or insufficient protection during the winter. The right cover for your sports car should be able to breathe while also permitting any stray water, rain, wintery precipitation, etc. to melt before it can damage the paint job of the vehicle.  

For instance, a good car cover will be able to keep most or all of the wintery precipitation from coming into direct contact with the vehicle. That is not its sole job, as there is always the potential for snow, hail or sleet to land on the top of the cover. Since it is likely to eventually melt into water that could then slip through the cover to land on the car, your cover needs to be able to repel water. Standard droplets of rain could do the same thing, often in a surprisingly short period of time.

#3-Make Sure That You Can Attach And Disconnect The Car Cover Without Assistance Or Difficulty

A car cover that you cannot easily secure and remove without help is not nearly as helpful as it should be. As a result, it could be quite helpful to practice putting it on and off a few times to verify that you can do so. The same is true of the lock that is used to keep the cover from flying away.  

When planning for the car cover and allowing for your own height, weight, and mobility, you may find that simply knowing the precise dimensions of your car is useful. For example, the 2017 Camaro Coupe is just over 53 inches tall and a bit over 188 inches long, while the 2012 mode was slightly taller at 54.2 inches high and 190.4 inches long. When you have those numbers, you can verify that you will be able to safely secure the car cover to the car, lock the cover in place and remove it later, even if the area where the car is parked has bad lighting, limited space, etc.      

In conclusion, a car cover for a Corvette that is now or might ever be parked outside is essential. Fortunately, the advice discussed in the above sections will allow you to be sure that you have chosen the right units for the needs of your valuable sports car.