Your Options For Upgrading Your Car Audio

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Your Options For Upgrading Your Car Audio

26 January 2018
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Whatever your car audio situation, you've decided that you deserve better. Here are some options for getting better car audio entertainment. 

Cassette Player Audio Hookups

Starting with the most basic of fixes for car radio, if you have a car that still has a tape player, there are options for cassette tape adapters that include an audio jack that connects to a phone or mp3 player so that you can play your personal music. This is a cheap fix of under $10, but the results may not be as high quality as other options found on this list. 

Auxiliary Hookups

Auxiliary hookups can also be used to simply connect a device's audio to your car's radio. This is another fix that can be found for under 10 or 20 dollars. It's more reliable than the cassette tape adapter above, but keep on reading if you have more money to spend and want more options. 

Bluetooth Installation

Bluetooth installation is a popular means of getting music from your personal devices to your car's speakers. You can have bluetooth capabilities installed directly into the car. Or, you can use a number of workarounds that allow you to play your music over a radio transmitter. With that route, you use a device to transmit the music to a radio frequency, and then you use your car's radio to pick up the sounds. Bluetooth installation is the more reliable of these two options, but it does cost more. 

XM Radio

Are AM and FM not cutting it these days? You have a variety of paid radio stations to consider when you make your vehicle XM radio compatible. This is a matter of installing an antenna that receives XM radio signals. You will also have to purchase a subscription to XM radio on an ongoing basis, but this gives you access to hundreds of additional programmed channels, no matter where you live. 

Surround Speakers

You might decide that, once you have more audio options, you also want them to be of a higher quality in terms of sound output. One option is to install surround sound speakers. These can be customized to shift the volume to the left, right, front, or back of the car so that each passenger gets what they need. Some systems include volume controls for each part of the car. You might find car audio systems that even include overhead speakers. You can contact a company like Cutting Edge Audio for more information.