6 Things You Need Your Camper Cover To Provide Protection Against

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6 Things You Need Your Camper Cover To Provide Protection Against

23 May 2018
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If you don't have a camper cover, your camper is going to age faster than it should and be more prone to damage. A simple camper cover is an inexpensive and convenient way to provide protection against a wide variety of different culprits that are known to cause camper damage. 

The following are six things you need to protect your camper against with the help of a camper cover.

1. UV rays from the sun

UV rays can cause a lot of damage to campers and RV units. The surface of a camper can begin to degrade over time if the camper sits underneath the sun constantly without a cover. 

UV rays can cause exterior paint and rubber seals to come off. Rubber seals can also develop cracks over time due to sun exposure.

UV rays will also cause cosmetic damage by bleaching the appearance of any graphics or other exterior design features. 

2. Droppings from birds and other animals

Bird droppings on top of a camper do not look very attractive and are cumbersome to clean off. If you leave your camper sitting for an extended period of time without a cover, your camper could become so completely covered in bird droppings that are difficult to remove entirely.

A cover over a camper can prevent stains and other damage due to exposure to animal droppings. 

3. Sap leaking from trees

A lot of camper owners need to park their camper under an area where there are many trees. Sap naturally drips down from trees and will fall on anything below. Sap is sticky and will harden over time. It can be hard to remove from a camper's surface once it is completely dry. A camper cover will prevent sap from damaging the camper exterior.

4. Acid rain from precipitation

Acid rain can fall anywhere and cause significant damage to a camper exterior. While rainwater evaporates, any acid in the rain will not evaporate and will simply remain on a camper surface wearing away at the paint and other exterior details.

5. All types of insect and rodent pests

A camper can sometimes be infiltrated by pests. This is especially likely to occur while a camper is in storage during the winter months. A camper cover provides added protection against pests and makes it harder for them to get into the camper through doors, windows, slide outs, or storage areas. 

6. Vandalism

It will be much more difficult for your camper to be vandalized if it is left unattended if you have a cover over it. A cover will protect your camper's surface from paint or scratches from keys. 

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