3 Types Of Car Magnets For Your Vehicle

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3 Types Of Car Magnets For Your Vehicle

30 September 2018
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If you own a vehicle that you drive around for business purposes, make sure you get the most usage possible out of your vehicle by putting advertising on your vehicle. When you have advertising on your vehicle, you are going to be able to write off all use of the vehicle. There are a wide variety of different types of magnets that you can put on your vehicle.

#1 Car Magnets

A car magnet is designed for smaller vehicles. A car magnet is designed to fit on the door of your car. It usually has a rectangular shape. A car magnet is not that large, so you have to make the best use of the space.

With a car magnet, simple is usually best. You are going to want to put your business name and phone number or contact method on the sign. You are going to want to use a background color and one or two colors for the wording. The simpler the better as the space you are working with is not that large.

# Van Magnets

Van magnets are a lot larger than car magnets. With a van magnet, you have the entire side of a van to work with, giving you a lot of space to share an image.

With a van magnet, most people put the name of their company across the top of the magnet. That way, the name of their company is visible when they arrive to jobs.

All the space under the name is open for more creative designs and marketing. You could put the logo of your business. You could put a picture that corresponds to your business on the rest of the magnet. Use that space to share a visual message with people driving by.

Across the bottom of a van magnet, it is common to put contact information. Some vans put a small car magnet on the back side of the van with contact information in order to get the most usage out of the space on the side of their van.

#3 Tailgate Magnet

Another type of vehicle magnet is a tailgate magnet. A tailgate magnet is generally similar to a car magnet. You will have more vertically space, but about the same height to work with. A direct message on a tailgate magnet usually works best, such as the name and phone number of your business, or the name and logo of your business.

Make the most use of your work vehicle by putting a magnet on it. A magnet is a great way to advertise your business to all the individuals who see your vehicle each week. Contact a company, like ARC Marketing, for more information.