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accessorize to improve your truck

Does your truck look like every other truck like it on the roads? Wouldn't it be nice if your truck stood out from all of the others? Accessorizing your truck can not only make it look better than the others, but it can also be a whole lot of fun! If you have never looked into the accessories available for your truck, take some time to peruse my blog. I have included several examples of things that will make your truck look better and a few more that will make it run better. By the time you come to the end, you will have a whole list of things you want to add to your stock truck.


Hydrophobic Coating Isn’t a Magic Bullet: Windshield Wiper Safety

28 October 2015
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If you're trying to figure out how best to deal with rain when driving—and all the dirt it can leave behind—a hydrophobic glass coating might seem like the best thing ever invented. But it isn't the only thing that will help your car windows stay protected. While the coatings are helpful, they don't do much if your windshield wipers are in terrible shape. To get the most out of a water-repellent coating, you must keep the windshield wipers going strong. Read More …

Innovative Ways To Use A Truck Cap

23 October 2015
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A hard-shell truck cap is 27-30 inches high and used to cover and protect cargo in a pickup truck bed. It is easily removed from the pickup truck bed when not needed. Since it is not a standard accessory for a pickup truck, it is sometimes not included when a truck is sold. For a creative person who is good with tools, such a well-made accessory could be recycled and put to use in other ways. Read More …

Be Proactive And Have Anti-Rust Car Undercoating Long Before The Vehicle Is At Risk

13 October 2015
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Rust does more than merely detract from the looks of a car. Rust on the undercarriage could seriously and severely corrode the metal. In time, the corrosion may necessitate the replacement of parts which, of course, is expensive. Applying a car undercoating reduces the potential for major corrosion. Having the car comprehensively treated for rust is the best strategy for cutting down any chances of future damage. Don't Wait Until Year Five Read More …